What We Do
Our Goal

Our goal is to be the model African village, one that works together for sustainable and communal growth. Every day, we move closer to that goal through the work we do at the Botshabelo community's school, orphanage, village and small medical clinic.

We Educate

The Botshabelo school educates about 270 children up to the ninth grade. After that, some go on to study at other schools and others find jobs.

We Nurture

Our orphanage houses about 250 AIDS and economic orphans. But it's so much more than just an orphanage; it's home. We are all family at Botshabelo, and the children here are given not only shelter and food, but love, support and hope.

We Strengthen

Our village welcomes any age and any background. Anyone in need of help can come to Botshabelo and find a home here, and together, we all work to make a successful and growing community.

We Provide Treatment

Our small medical clinic provides basic medical care for all Botshabelo residents and is where we monitor our AIDS patients to make sure they take their antiretroviral medications.

We Give Support

To help our residents and others in the vicinity get jobs, we have plans for several business initiatives that will allow people to work here on the Botshabelo grounds.