Are You Looking For A Casino Strategy? Here Are Some Ideas!

For a long time, some of the most common and well-known online casino games in Portugal have been in the collective imagination with promises of fabulous riches in exchange for little or no effort. A kind of cave of treasures, only at the mercy of the most adventurous and daring.

If it is true that history is full of cases of success and luck, this is not always the case. A tenuous and permanent balance is needed between fear and courage, hope and fatalism, ambition and failure. That’s why we share the best strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Casino Strategy — Blackjack

Poker is one of the most played casino games, especially in its Blackjack variant. Unlike the so-called games of chance, it involves a certain skill and, due to its characteristics, invites cunning, patience and risk. In principle, any sustainable Blackjack strategy should meet the following requirements:

  • Knowledge of Probabilities:

For example, knowing that a Quadra (sequence of four cards with the same face or the same number) is more valuable than a Full House is half the battle to be attentive to the deck and avoid disappointments;

  • Know how to defend and know how to attack:

In Blackjack, there are circumstances where calling or folding is the right decision. However, there are situations in which a more incisive approach, especially if based on an unmissable hand, can lead to great benefits. This forces opponents to fold or even invites them to raise the stakes;

  • All in? Only as a last resort:

We’ve all seen poker tournaments where, unexpectedly, a player pulls an all-in out of the hat and suddenly takes the position of chip leader at the table. But the truth is that, statistically speaking, the all in is unfavorable. Therefore, with the exception of unmissable hands or imminent elimination, we do not recommend such a radical stance.

Casino Strategy — Roulette and Lotto

Both lotto and roulette belong to the category of games of chance. Therefore, players cannot aspire to influence the final outcome. This is why it is not possible to establish patterns or forecasts in advance. However, unlike Dostoyevsky’s The Player, we can always use the odds in our favor, mitigating losses and increasing chances of success.

For example, as far as roulette is concerned, “even or odd” and “red or black” are more reasonable predictions than picking a particular number.

Casino Strategy — Slot Machines

If we are talking about properly regulated casinos, then the algorithms of their casino slot games will be impartial and reliable. That is, the possibility of winning is real. However, casinos are not obliged to disclose algorithms to customers, otherwise they would declare insolvency the next moment. In this case, the most recommended thing is to stipulate a limit value for gambling, so as not to compromise essential daily expenses and gamble responsibly.

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